Teide volcano guide editorial design
Guide for ascending the Teide Peak. It includes all information on trails and routes, flora and geology and information on the Teide cable car and Altavista Refuge. Also available in Spanish, French, Russian and German.
Maps and other things
Maps series and other things... Acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm.
Cultural exhibition creation and design
Exhibition Design and Production for the history of the Agadir earthquake
Paintings on glass Gabriel Roca
Monotype series on glass. Acrylic on glass 60cmx60cm
Arquitecture Exhibition design
Arquitecture exhibition design and production in Agadir, Morocco.
Exhibition design and production
Arquitecture exhibition at the First Bienale of Art and Architecture of the Canary Islands
Ink drawings exhibition
Group art exhibit in Cabrera Pinto art hall, La Laguna including Gabriel Roca´s work on ink paintings on paper and monotypes, acrylic on canvas.
Color painting on glass
Monotypes technique on glass. Acrylic on glass
Museums workshop guide editorial design
Tenerife Museums guide
Untitled Art Magazine
Art magazine about moder artists in Canary Islands, Spain
Gabriel Roca Monotypes Exhibition
Exhibit of Monotypes paintings by Gabriel Roca. Acrylic on canvas, 2m x3m formats. Technique process called "decalcomanía", inititated by surrealist painter Oscar Domínguez.
Cigar branding
CIgar branding and labeling design
Arquitecture book editorial design
Arquitecture book on 10 anniversary of Muvisa presenting all finished projects.
Art book editorial design
García Sanabria Park art exhition catalogue, Canary Islands. Different interpretations of nature by four different artists, all drawings.
Arquitecture and Art Biennale production design
Production management and design for Second Bienale of Art and Architecture of the Canary Islands
Arquitecture editorial design
Arquitecture book on the remodeling of the García Sanabria city park in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Cultural guide editorial design
Leisure and cultural guide about Tenerife, Canary Islands. Product creation, design, branding, content development and publishing.
Museums collection book editorial design
Libro sobre los Museos de Tenerife
Teide volcano geology book
Three volume book which includes all geological information on the Teide Volcano. Editorial design and publishing.
VIA nosolopapasymojo magazine
Cultural bimonthly magazine about art, music, science, arquitecture, desing, travel and gastronomy
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