Group exhibit including Gabriel Roca ink drawings on paper, "Dots" series. 3,72m x2,80m mural on the far center and 0,70m x1m formats to the left. Also monotypes paintings  to the right (acrylic on canvas)1,10mx1,10m.  The wooden sculpture in the center is by Julio Blancas.
Roca´s work has always been related to nature, drawing, caligraphy and his monotype technique is based on the process called "decalcomania" which was initiated by  the surrealist painter Oscar Domínguez.
Gabriel Roca monotypes to the left, and "Foresta" series ink drawings on paper on the right wall, and Juan Carlos Batita´s wooden sculpture.
Foresta series, ink on paper 1,40x1,94m size, to the left and black monotypes on the right.
Black monotypes, acrylic on canvas by Gabriel Roca.
Foresta series, ink on paper 1,85x2,80m size on the left.
Foresta series, ink on paper ,140mx194m formats, on the left.
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